This morning I had a conversation that reminded me being a parent is rife with Guilt!  (I capitalized the word Guilt because it is a bugger.)   Of course I already knew that, having been a parent myself for going on 34 years.  I had to smile and empathize while trying hard to listen and offer counsel, that I hope was wise.

So many times we as parents expect ourselves to be super- human.  We want to be the best Mom, the best business woman, the best partner, the best friend, the best....OK... you get it.  We Mom's can try hard to "best" ourselves right into the ground!  ( I am purposefully leaving Dads out of this for now, because I think women have the market on guilt...)

Maybe it's time we all take a moment to pause, and accept the fact that not a one of us is going to do this whole parenting thing perfectly, and give ourselves a break.

Next time you have a conversation with a friend who's beating herself up about something she did or did not do for or to
her kids, suggest she cut herself some slack.   Perfect is boring anyways.

Kids don't want us to be perfect.  Our kids want us to be present, to show up, to listen to them, to love them, to play with them, and to help them become their own imperfect selves!

So, forget about perfect and move on.

Until next time,

An imperfect Pam