The Reviews Are In…

On The Great Grace Escape…

This is a must have book for every small child's library! It tells the story of Grace's escape from the womb start to finish from Grace's perspective… So many children's books insult the intelligence of the child. I'll call it adultsplaining. This book beautifully respects that even a little kid has a brain and can think… I also loved that the book follows nature the whole way. This isn't a fantasy story of cabbage farms and storks. Every 4/5/6 year old will know about wombs and birth canals and birth accurately after being exposed to this book. 

The pictures are so inviting, delightfully simple and yet perfect.

- Joanne W. on Goodreads

I absolutely am obsessed with the concept of the book. I can not think of one book out of all the children’s books I have ever read that touch on this in such a creative and adorable way!! I would have loved to have read this book to my kids during my multiple pregnancies! 

Becky Lester , Parent 


On Josie the Great

Josie the Great is adorable and genuine. My little one loved it and asked if this means we are expecting a baby. We are not, but I would say this is a great book to read to a kid who is about to become a big sibling. The art has the style of a child's artwork. It works well enough for this book but I would recommend it for many.

Martina D'Angelo, Posted on Goodreads

About Pam’s Events

In addition to being a great children's book author, [Pam] is animated in her storytelling, energetic, and engages well with children of all ages.  Her creativity shows through in her well written books, relateable books and in the follow-up craft, themed to her book Max and Bear. 

Rachel Kirby-Utz, The Red Balloon Co.
Bucktown, Chicago, IL 60647

Not only is the book fabulous, and the kids engaged, I was absolutely delighted watching [Pam] in action with the kids; [she is] so great with them, directing and redirecting their energy in such fun and positive ways. I learned a lot!  Yes, we'd love to have [her] back. 

Franny Billingsley, Children’s Events Manager,
57th Street Books, Chicago, IL

We were thrilled with [Pam's] ability to connect with each and every one of our students. Our students were never distracted and all eyes were on her as she enveloped us in her story. Her books were enjoyed by all.  Her love of her family, life, and reading was evidence by her ability to establish relationships with the students and engage her listeners.  The event was enjoyed by our students, parents and staff. I am hopeful that she will return and visit our program again.

Kelly Mangel, Principal, Treasure Village Montessori
Charter School, Islamorada, FL