Independence Day....

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful sense of friends, family and fun to celebrate Independence Day…

It never seems like a holiday, especially a summer holiday without grilling … and so we made sure and did that. What can be better than a grilled hot dog… not sure if it’s actually real meat… but I don’t care. It’s a delicious piece of tasty goodness to relish!

I was actually thinking about independence as our family was off in a variety of places. Bill and I took the week to celebrate our anniversary and the holiday on our own in the Keys… Our son Bill, and his family celebrated in their new home and had a lovely sense of Americana… bike parade, pool and neighborhood grilling! Our daughter Anne and her family were on their family vacation out west… they celebrated in California… and our youngest Megan, and her husband celebrated separately as they are in the process of moving, timing up loose ends and organizing for their big drive to Texas.

So I thought that the Theme of Independence was specifically appropriate this year. Each of our main family units were off independently celebrating. And, this is the reality of life as our children grow and become their own adult persons, with their own adult families and responsibilities and joys!

Yet, my husband and I spoke with each of our children one way or another that day… technology truly is a gift in that regard. No matter where everyone may be geographically, you can still be in touch and connect. Connect and share and smile… together.

Independence is a fact of life… we wanted it, our kids want it, and so do peoples everywhere.

Yet, again, independence is sweetest when it is also surrounded by love. Love of the people that matter most to you… and in that love allow you and encourage you to become your best self.

So, I hope on this past Independence Day, each of you did just that!

Enjoy the rest of this Holiday weekend… independently and surrounded with love…

Our lovely granddaughter… Rocking out and celebrating independently, and surrounded with love.. a perfect example! If I am technically able, I’ll share it…

Until next time,


Oh the Fun!

Hi everyone!

I hope the summer has arrived in each of your geographies, and that it is treating you well. Here in the Northern Hemisphere…. I know it’s been a long wait for some!

Last weekend I got the chance to visit a lovely warm spot in northern Florida. There is a fabulous Indie Bookstore that I have the privilege of working with in Tallahassee. It’s called Midtown Reader.

What a wonderful place it is. The way the store is designed, along with the gorgeous colors and warm inviting space it provides, it is a truly welcoming space. For anyone who loves books, it’s a must see. I met a couple who had done just that last weekend… they were in town on other business, but love to find beautiful Indie Bookstores to enjoy during their travels.

I have to say, that every time I am fortunate enough to get to provide a Story time event for Midtown Reader, it’s a treat.

The store is fun, the staff is fun, and the environment is so user friendly for young children. They have the added plus of a delicious cupcake vendor sharing their space… which is brilliant! I saw as many adults as I did children smiling while leaving with a tasty treat.

So, anyways, I just want to remind everyone to have fun. I think reading books, and providing fun story time experiences for young children is fun… so that’s what I love to do.

The point is though, that I wanted to make is this… JUST HAVE FUN!!!

Thanks Midtown Reader for letting me have such a fun day last Saturday!

I hope that everyone who reads this, finds a way to enjoy their fun… today. Actually, try and have a little fun every single day… cause why not?

Life is moving fast… take time to smile, have fun reading, enjoy stories, share a cupcake or whatever it is that is fun for you!

Have Fun!

Until next time,



Hi All….

How many times a day do you think about time?

When you wake up…

Break time

Lunch time

End of the work day

Dinner time


You get it… :)

Time… its such an interesting entity… because it keeps on going NO MATTER WHAT!

I have thought about that a lot today… there’s been some stuff going on in my life where some decisions have been made… and even though I know it’s not the BEST use of my time… I keep going over and over those decisions… so …

I call myself a half sane, half crazy person… depending on the day and yes, the time. Sometimes we have so much on our minds that we let time get away from us, and when I feel my crazy self coming into play… where I ruminate and roll ideas over and over and over in my mind… I know that I have missed the chance to use the time spent in a much more productive, pleasurable way!

So, my thought today is … when you can, because none of us are perfect, use your time for enjoyment, productive work, laughing, resting, dinner with people you love, play etc… Not squandering it away by worrying or ruminating (like I can do)…

I am working on taking my own advice!

Until next TIME…


Fun with Books!

Hi All!

I hope you had a lovely weekend this past week.

I had the fabulous opportunity to be part of Family Days on Aragon with Books and Books of Coral Gables, Florida.

Books and Books is a Rock Star in the Independent Book Store world. I admire Mitchell Kaplan, founder of the store, for his vision and dedication to all things literary. He is also the Master Mind behind the highly successful Miami Book Fair.

I was invited to provide a reading event, Story Time for their youngest readers. Having the chance to move the furniture around, and set up fun places for kids to create and enjoy after hearing my story was a blast!

The best part about being given the opportunity to participate and to provide an event like this, is the children.

Children are such wonderful, fascinating people all their own!

Each child chose to listen to the story in their own way… some on chairs, some leaning on their Moms, some laying on the floor… yet all for the same purpose. To enjoy a story their way.

As I read, I loved watching their reactions, because honestly that is the absolute best part!!

Each child brings their own experiences into their hearing and comprehending which makes it a unique experience for each of them.

After I’m done with the reading, and they smile and laugh and tell me they loved the story… well that’s the best!

Second to that is the joy I see on parents/adults faces as they listen too. I believe good Children’s Books also take into account the people who will be reading them, and add fun for them as well.

Upon completion of the story, we sang songs, laughed and then created a craft for them to take home. I think the addition of a craft with a reading experience makes the event more complete and enjoyable for all involved!

Everyone walked away Saturday with a smile on their face… kids, adults, the book store staff, and me…

What could be better than that?

With a grateful heart…

Until next time,


Say you're sorry....

Hi All!

I was reviewing my notes about blog ideas… subjects that I think/thought have relevance and value as we travel along this parenting pathway.

The topic that jumped out at me today, was “Say you’re Sorry”…

Throughout all of a child’s life, adults are directing, guiding, prodding, correcting, and a zillion other things..

I remember many days when our kids were young, where most of the day was spent keeping them safe, and guiding them to a different path… so they would see tomorrow!

I know I tried really hard to think about making good choices on my part, but there were definitely times when I was tired, or overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out, that my parenting choices were far from perfect! Well… probably never perfect, but far from excellent and even respectful.

We all know that time when for whatever reason, we lost it! I don’t mean just a small misdemeanor but a large transgression… where as soon as the words/actions occurred on your part… you felt awful… the regret and shame coursing through your veins!

I recall a number of times that happened… I couldn’t take it back, the action already occurred, the words were already said… SOOO then what?

Say you’re sorry… and mean it

We ask out kids to be accountable for their actions… we ask them to apologize when they’ve hurt someone, or made a bad choice, or just lost it with another sibling…friend.. etc.

We get the chance to be a powerful role model and example when we show them how to use the words “I’m sorry” as a tool of power and change… not just empty words. You have to say “I’m sorry” but more importantly, you have to DO I’m sorry.

I always believe that actions speak louder than words… so when you mess up, when you know you’ve wronged your child, tell them, and show them and use this time as a tool for modeling healthy behavior.

We don’t have to always be right… we don’t have to always be perfect, yet, we do have to always be mindful that our actions speak louder than any words we use.

When you mess up, say and do I’m sorry.

You’re kids will be better for it, and you will too!

What can be better than building a healthy relationship with your child?

Until next time,


We all have an emotional life...

Hi all!

I am sitting here reviewing my work and to do list. One of the items on it, was to add a new blog post… and right below that note… was “emotional lives of children”.

I started to think about that, because that is what I have decided is the premise for my work, and the stories I write. Stories that I hope will resonate with the emotional lives of children.

I have always believed that kids need to be seen as people in their own right… not just an appendage or item or number. We do great work when we take the time to see our children, and children in general as unique individuals.

I was thinking about that today as I placed a phone call to our 4 year old granddaughter. We have to speak with her without her older brother around, or he will co-op the phone! :)

I wanted to have a chance to speak with her without any involvement or interference from her brother, and allow her the chance to be heard on her own. To tell her how much I love her, and how wonderful she is!

Then… this past week, we had the great honor of helping our son and daughter-in-law move… what a blast to be part of that… and to be able to provide love and support for our adult children as well as our beautiful 3 year old granddaughter as they began this new phase of their lives. To have the chance to give extra hugs and celebrate new beginnings!

And then… I also had to take a moment or two or four… to take care of my own emotions as well… because it is hard to fathom sometimes that our youngest child is now 31!

I guess with all of this quasi rambling post what I am attempting to say, is that all of our emotional lives matter and the space we live in is better when that is recognized, nourished and respected.

Have a great weekend… take care of yourself, and all of those you love!

It matters!

Until next time,


What today holds?

Hi all!

I am sitting here thinking about all things book… and also how to enjoy my Saturday.

When I have something on my mind, I have to address it, or it is just a continued due-loop in my brain. I wonder if most people are like this? I tease with my husband that he can compartmentalize better than I can… I can’t usually separate…. my brain seems to find a way to connect everything!

Lately I am really thinking about how to connect with people who love books… who write Children’s Books, who love the idea of connecting children with great stories.

I am working with a great bunch of folks who are trying to help me learn.

Learning… its such a great thing! Even if I find myself not wanting to put in the time… cause I want to just relax, I find that until I do the learning… or the thing I am thinking about , it doesn't work anyways… SO I just do it… and then I can relax.

So what does your day hold today? What new things might you learn?

Each day… a new chance …

I have already learned about 3 new things today… that might be it… might be time now to go sit and read this great book I started yesterday.

Hope today is all you hope for!

Until next time,



It seems to me, that when you have chosen, as I think a lot of people I know have, to build a quality relationship with your kids, that this stage of life is filled with different energy… different demands, but rich in time with grandkids, your adult kids… and your new goals.