Hold on!

Hello All!

This morning I am sitting in our living room contemplating the fact that I (well actually we) have three grown children... How did that happen?

Yesterday Bill and I were out doing regular Saturday chores, the excitement of groceries and car washing.  When we were at the car wash, I wondered where Bill was, then saw that he was talking to and playing with a little girl that was being held by her Dad.  Bill and he struck up a conversation and I heard him comment on "It goes really really fast!"  I smiled.... It does.

Two weeks ago Bill and I got the opportunity to go to Houston, Texas for Easter with our son, his wife and her lovely family.  While Bill and I were driving over to the hotel,  I realized that 31 years ago, well I actually already knew that, but to put that number of 31 on the realization was fascinating!   31 years ago Bill and I and baby Anne lived in Houston, then we added our daughter Megan, she was born there. Now 31 years later we are going to our son's in-laws right in the very same place we had two baby girls and Billy was not even part of the equation.  O.K.  I am staring to annoy myself at this whole nostalgia thing...

But... here it is...


Hold on, enjoy every bit of time with your kids even when they are bugging you.  Before you even know it, you will be the crazy Mom like me commenting on how in the world did your kids get to be grownups?

Until next time,
Nostalgia photo included....