Oh the Fun!

Hi everyone!

I hope the summer has arrived in each of your geographies, and that it is treating you well. Here in the Northern Hemisphere…. I know it’s been a long wait for some!

Last weekend I got the chance to visit a lovely warm spot in northern Florida. There is a fabulous Indie Bookstore that I have the privilege of working with in Tallahassee. It’s called Midtown Reader.

What a wonderful place it is. The way the store is designed, along with the gorgeous colors and warm inviting space it provides, it is a truly welcoming space. For anyone who loves books, it’s a must see. I met a couple who had done just that last weekend… they were in town on other business, but love to find beautiful Indie Bookstores to enjoy during their travels.

I have to say, that every time I am fortunate enough to get to provide a Story time event for Midtown Reader, it’s a treat.

The store is fun, the staff is fun, and the environment is so user friendly for young children. They have the added plus of a delicious cupcake vendor sharing their space… which is brilliant! I saw as many adults as I did children smiling while leaving with a tasty treat.

So, anyways, I just want to remind everyone to have fun. I think reading books, and providing fun story time experiences for young children is fun… so that’s what I love to do.

The point is though, that I wanted to make is this… JUST HAVE FUN!!!

Thanks Midtown Reader for letting me have such a fun day last Saturday!

I hope that everyone who reads this, finds a way to enjoy their fun… today. Actually, try and have a little fun every single day… cause why not?

Life is moving fast… take time to smile, have fun reading, enjoy stories, share a cupcake or whatever it is that is fun for you!

Have Fun!

Until next time,