Hi All….

How many times a day do you think about time?

When you wake up…

Break time

Lunch time

End of the work day

Dinner time


You get it… :)

Time… its such an interesting entity… because it keeps on going NO MATTER WHAT!

I have thought about that a lot today… there’s been some stuff going on in my life where some decisions have been made… and even though I know it’s not the BEST use of my time… I keep going over and over those decisions… so …

I call myself a half sane, half crazy person… depending on the day and yes, the time. Sometimes we have so much on our minds that we let time get away from us, and when I feel my crazy self coming into play… where I ruminate and roll ideas over and over and over in my mind… I know that I have missed the chance to use the time spent in a much more productive, pleasurable way!

So, my thought today is … when you can, because none of us are perfect, use your time for enjoyment, productive work, laughing, resting, dinner with people you love, play etc… Not squandering it away by worrying or ruminating (like I can do)…

I am working on taking my own advice!

Until next TIME…