Independence Day....

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful sense of friends, family and fun to celebrate Independence Day…

It never seems like a holiday, especially a summer holiday without grilling … and so we made sure and did that. What can be better than a grilled hot dog… not sure if it’s actually real meat… but I don’t care. It’s a delicious piece of tasty goodness to relish!

I was actually thinking about independence as our family was off in a variety of places. Bill and I took the week to celebrate our anniversary and the holiday on our own in the Keys… Our son Bill, and his family celebrated in their new home and had a lovely sense of Americana… bike parade, pool and neighborhood grilling! Our daughter Anne and her family were on their family vacation out west… they celebrated in California… and our youngest Megan, and her husband celebrated separately as they are in the process of moving, timing up loose ends and organizing for their big drive to Texas.

So I thought that the Theme of Independence was specifically appropriate this year. Each of our main family units were off independently celebrating. And, this is the reality of life as our children grow and become their own adult persons, with their own adult families and responsibilities and joys!

Yet, my husband and I spoke with each of our children one way or another that day… technology truly is a gift in that regard. No matter where everyone may be geographically, you can still be in touch and connect. Connect and share and smile… together.

Independence is a fact of life… we wanted it, our kids want it, and so do peoples everywhere.

Yet, again, independence is sweetest when it is also surrounded by love. Love of the people that matter most to you… and in that love allow you and encourage you to become your best self.

So, I hope on this past Independence Day, each of you did just that!

Enjoy the rest of this Holiday weekend… independently and surrounded with love…

Our lovely granddaughter… Rocking out and celebrating independently, and surrounded with love.. a perfect example! If I am technically able, I’ll share it…

Until next time,