Fun with Books!

Hi All!

I hope you had a lovely weekend this past week.

I had the fabulous opportunity to be part of Family Days on Aragon with Books and Books of Coral Gables, Florida.

Books and Books is a Rock Star in the Independent Book Store world. I admire Mitchell Kaplan, founder of the store, for his vision and dedication to all things literary. He is also the Master Mind behind the highly successful Miami Book Fair.

I was invited to provide a reading event, Story Time for their youngest readers. Having the chance to move the furniture around, and set up fun places for kids to create and enjoy after hearing my story was a blast!

The best part about being given the opportunity to participate and to provide an event like this, is the children.

Children are such wonderful, fascinating people all their own!

Each child chose to listen to the story in their own way… some on chairs, some leaning on their Moms, some laying on the floor… yet all for the same purpose. To enjoy a story their way.

As I read, I loved watching their reactions, because honestly that is the absolute best part!!

Each child brings their own experiences into their hearing and comprehending which makes it a unique experience for each of them.

After I’m done with the reading, and they smile and laugh and tell me they loved the story… well that’s the best!

Second to that is the joy I see on parents/adults faces as they listen too. I believe good Children’s Books also take into account the people who will be reading them, and add fun for them as well.

Upon completion of the story, we sang songs, laughed and then created a craft for them to take home. I think the addition of a craft with a reading experience makes the event more complete and enjoyable for all involved!

Everyone walked away Saturday with a smile on their face… kids, adults, the book store staff, and me…

What could be better than that?

With a grateful heart…

Until next time,