Say you're sorry....

Hi All!

I was reviewing my notes about blog ideas… subjects that I think/thought have relevance and value as we travel along this parenting pathway.

The topic that jumped out at me today, was “Say you’re Sorry”…

Throughout all of a child’s life, adults are directing, guiding, prodding, correcting, and a zillion other things..

I remember many days when our kids were young, where most of the day was spent keeping them safe, and guiding them to a different path… so they would see tomorrow!

I know I tried really hard to think about making good choices on my part, but there were definitely times when I was tired, or overwhelmed, or just plain stressed out, that my parenting choices were far from perfect! Well… probably never perfect, but far from excellent and even respectful.

We all know that time when for whatever reason, we lost it! I don’t mean just a small misdemeanor but a large transgression… where as soon as the words/actions occurred on your part… you felt awful… the regret and shame coursing through your veins!

I recall a number of times that happened… I couldn’t take it back, the action already occurred, the words were already said… SOOO then what?

Say you’re sorry… and mean it

We ask out kids to be accountable for their actions… we ask them to apologize when they’ve hurt someone, or made a bad choice, or just lost it with another sibling…friend.. etc.

We get the chance to be a powerful role model and example when we show them how to use the words “I’m sorry” as a tool of power and change… not just empty words. You have to say “I’m sorry” but more importantly, you have to DO I’m sorry.

I always believe that actions speak louder than words… so when you mess up, when you know you’ve wronged your child, tell them, and show them and use this time as a tool for modeling healthy behavior.

We don’t have to always be right… we don’t have to always be perfect, yet, we do have to always be mindful that our actions speak louder than any words we use.

When you mess up, say and do I’m sorry.

You’re kids will be better for it, and you will too!

What can be better than building a healthy relationship with your child?

Until next time,