We all have an emotional life...

Hi all!

I am sitting here reviewing my work and to do list. One of the items on it, was to add a new blog post… and right below that note… was “emotional lives of children”.

I started to think about that, because that is what I have decided is the premise for my work, and the stories I write. Stories that I hope will resonate with the emotional lives of children.

I have always believed that kids need to be seen as people in their own right… not just an appendage or item or number. We do great work when we take the time to see our children, and children in general as unique individuals.

I was thinking about that today as I placed a phone call to our 4 year old granddaughter. We have to speak with her without her older brother around, or he will co-op the phone! :)

I wanted to have a chance to speak with her without any involvement or interference from her brother, and allow her the chance to be heard on her own. To tell her how much I love her, and how wonderful she is!

Then… this past week, we had the great honor of helping our son and daughter-in-law move… what a blast to be part of that… and to be able to provide love and support for our adult children as well as our beautiful 3 year old granddaughter as they began this new phase of their lives. To have the chance to give extra hugs and celebrate new beginnings!

And then… I also had to take a moment or two or four… to take care of my own emotions as well… because it is hard to fathom sometimes that our youngest child is now 31!

I guess with all of this quasi rambling post what I am attempting to say, is that all of our emotional lives matter and the space we live in is better when that is recognized, nourished and respected.

Have a great weekend… take care of yourself, and all of those you love!

It matters!

Until next time,