What today holds?

Hi all!

I am sitting here thinking about all things book… and also how to enjoy my Saturday.

When I have something on my mind, I have to address it, or it is just a continued due-loop in my brain. I wonder if most people are like this? I tease with my husband that he can compartmentalize better than I can… I can’t usually separate…. my brain seems to find a way to connect everything!

Lately I am really thinking about how to connect with people who love books… who write Children’s Books, who love the idea of connecting children with great stories.

I am working with a great bunch of folks who are trying to help me learn.

Learning… its such a great thing! Even if I find myself not wanting to put in the time… cause I want to just relax, I find that until I do the learning… or the thing I am thinking about , it doesn't work anyways… SO I just do it… and then I can relax.

So what does your day hold today? What new things might you learn?

Each day… a new chance …

I have already learned about 3 new things today… that might be it… might be time now to go sit and read this great book I started yesterday.

Hope today is all you hope for!

Until next time,