Oh What Fun!

Hi All!

I had such FUN Saturday at 57th Street Books!

I so appreciate the people who are part of this wonderful, Independent Book Store. They are encouraging, inviting, and supportive of me and my work, and what could be better than that?

I arrived early, as I like to do, and got to enjoy the revamped Children’s Space. I met with Franny Billingsley, who is a fabulous author, and Children’s Book Seller, who helped me get organized and set up before all the fun kids and parents arrived.

Once we were ready to go, we smile and then the real fun began as kids and parents arrived on this rainy/snowy Chicago morning.

I just love the reaction and the joy you see in kids faces as you start singing, reading, and playing with stories and the words you read.

You know, it’s also just as fun, to watch the parents/grownups reactions as well. I always think that Children’s Picture Books are equally fun for the grownups who read them… at least that is part of my goal each time I write a book! Because… as we know, kids like to re-read books over, and over and over!

The reason I even began to write kid’s books, is to have them smile, laugh, and say “I love this story!” After a day like Saturday, when you see all the smiles and realize the joy that was shared… WELL… that’s the absolute BEST!

Thanks 57th Street… you guys are THE BEST!

Until next time,