Hi all!

So… hope everyone had a great Holiday… even with ALL the stuff that comes with that time of the year…Family can be fabulous.. and well… FAMILY!

I just got back to our home in South Florida… it’s a bit too quiet right now, without all the wonderful energy of kids, dogs, and grown up kids that I really like.

However… it’s also nice to just have a bit of quiet time… because I know I will be off again soon!

I don’t know about all of you middle age somethings… but I was so wrong in my thought about what this part of life would be like with grownup kids… for some reason I thought it would be calmer… that Bill, my husband and I would have a bit of time to play more. That is not how it’s evolving!

It seems to me, that when you have chosen, as I think a lot of people I know have, to build a quality relationship with your kids, that this stage of life is filled with different energy… different demands, but rich in time with grandkids, your adult kids… and your new goals.

My grandparents were of the generation where they felt there job was to provide… but not necessarily in the same way that we have.

Yes, there are the demands of course of providing shelter, food and safety for each generation… and after that, I think each group, each generation then molds and changes how that looks.

Bill and I have spent tons of time not just providing the basics, but also trying to nurture each of kids and help them find their path… not one that we thought might be good, but the one that they felt was important and necessary for them… a path that led to the uniqueness of each of their lives now!

With all that comes the true joy of having new worlds open up to you.

As I sit here now, and enjoy the quiet… I also smile thinking about how soon again I will be back in the fray… enjoying all that comes with the loud, and crazy energy of 12+ different souls, personalities in our family.

Life in all it’s stages… don’t miss it… stay engaged… stay off the sidelines…


Until next time,