The Gift of Love...

Hi All!

As all parents know, once you have a child your life is forever changed.  

I have loved Megan Elizabeth Saxelby since before I even met her... she is our youngest daughter, and one of the reasons I am a Mom.  Since April 27th of 1983, she has been mine to love, and care for, to guide, and protect and most of all to cherish.

Cherishing children.... it is a gift that parents receive.  

Yet, at some point in time, they are no longer ours.  When does that happen?  Well, actually I would say that they truly never are ours to keep. They are their very own persons right from the moment they are born, and at best, it is our job to help them become who they are meant to be.

Navigating through all the phases of childhood and growing up... that is the task of each child, and of each parent.  When you do it right, or when you get it right, or when you're just damn lucky.... it's pretty great.  When your children become adults, you can pause and smile and celebrate.  

So I am celebrating today!  

This beautiful daughter of mine has made a commitment, and marriage vows to Maximillian... who loves her and cherishes her, and knows her soul in a way that Mothers wish for their daughters.

From the moment our children arrive in this world, we give them love, and then wish them love, and hope they find love, and then cherish it when they do!

Love truly is all we need.

I love you Megan and Max!


Until next time, 

Pam (aka Mom )