life... it just keeps flying by...

Hi all,

Years ago when I was but a young girl, my grandmother told me that as you get older, days seem to feel the same, but the years buzz by faster and faster!

Because I was a little girl, I honestly didn't think too much about it then, yet obviously, the talk stuck with me.

My Grandma, on my Mom's side, was a very quiet, practical, hard working woman... she lived by herself and right down the street from her sister, and close to her youngest son and his family. We saw her frequently, yet I feel like now, I would enjoy having the opportunity to speak with her about life now.  It's my turn to say that the days feel the same, but the years are buzzing!

Next week we get the distinct pleasure of immersing ourselves and our family in the marriage celebration of our youngest daughter.  We are thrilled and excited.  We look so forward to enjoying all that will be part of these fun few days.... and I am going to try and see if I can make them evolve in slowwwwww motion!  

I can't believe that my youngest daughter is 35, and I cant't believe that after all the planning we have done for this celebration, that it is just around the corner.  I plan on enjoying every moment... relishing the seconds, and hours, as they lead to the days of this party.  

As cliche as it sounds, when your kids are little, HOLD ON!  It flys by...

Smile for us next week.... if you would.  It's some of life's good stuff!

Until next time, (which will feel like a second)