Owning your own wisdom...

Hi All!

Last night, during our neighborhood 4th of July Celebrations,  which is always fun because of the variety of age groups,  I had the great fortune to spend  time with a young woman, whom I have known since she was born.... MY how time flies. 

Grace just finished her first year of college, and while we were talking about all the changes and exciting things that have occurred in her life this past year, I noticed she was wearing a beautiful blue ring on her ring finger.  I complimented her on it, and asked her about it.

She shared the best story with me while we were sitting next to each other in the dark, on a side street watching our local Fireworks display explode all around us. It was a wonderful backdrop to the story she began to tell me.

She said her Grandmother had a beautiful diamond ring that Grace always admired when she was a little girl.  She asked her Grandmother about it,  and inquired about who gave it to her.

Her Grandmother said that no one had given it to her.  She had purchased it as a gift to herself.  It was to remind her of her own beauty, value, and importance.  

Grace then shared that was why she had her beautiful blue ring ... the one  that I complimented her on.  She bought the ring for herself as a symbol that she was enough all on her own,  that she was valuable, important and loved.  She said it was to remind her to love and care for herself well ...that she did not need anyone else to affirm her value or worth as a woman.   A gift from herself... a gift to honor herself.

I smiled in the dark, and thought about that power.... the power of women sharing, and passing their wisdom on to their younger family members as a guide to learn from and find their own empowerment.

In this climate of the #metoo movement, and the continued empowering of women... I told Grace Bravo.... Bravo for knowing and owning the wisdom her Grandmother shared with her, and embracing it as her own.

I am thinking about what I might buy myself...  

Until next time,