Where or where have I been?

Hi all!

In the past few weeks, I have been Book Festivaling!

Is that a word?  I am not sure, but I like it... it sounds more fun than just saying I have attended two different book festivals in two states far from each other.

I got the chance to partner with a great group called Story Monsters LLC in Payson Arizona.  What a fun venue to be part of.  I met some great authors, got some inspiration, shared stories and found a new group to partner with!  I am grateful for all of that.

This new partnership led to my husband being a great big 6 foot 6 green monster with 4 eyes this past Saturday in Oberlin Ohio.  You know you have a great partner when he offers to wear Story Monster to help invite people to know more about your books, and more about #caughtreading!

That's the fun of this great new adventure I am on... meeting new people, having fun, and getting the chance to be in new places.  

We all want our kids to try new things, and take the risk to discover new opportunities... what better teachers and mentors throughout life can they have then a Dad who is willing to dress up as a Giant Green Story Monster to support his partner ?

Great lesson... and Great fun!

Until next time,