Places I've been... and Places to go...

Hi Everyone!

It's been a fun and crazy summer, and I can't believe it's Fall.

Since I last wrote anything here, our youngest daughter got engaged... and we survived Hurricane Irma... the first is fabulous and the second, well I am truly beyond grateful!

In between those two major events, I've had the fun chance to do some fun things book...

I went to the Brooklyn Book Festival... got invited to speak at a local Community College... read to local Preschoolers, and have more fun on the Horizon!

In some of my earlier posts, I wrote about helping not just your kids, but also ourselves as parents, find our way, and what motivates us.

This book journey is proving to be so fun... and yet daunting at times cause I am putting myself out there... and for me, that's not nearly as easy, or comfortable as being in front of a room of cute little kids.

Through this journey, I am getting to try on new roles, and new hats!  Marketing assistant, public speaker, seller of goods, and promoter of... well, ME and my books.

It's truly easy to give advice, at least it is for me, as I fashion myself sometimes as a nonprofessional counselor of life... when I looked at those early career predictors... you know the ones that analyze all your qualities... my top two were.... Educator, or Counselor...

Well... I knew that if I was a counselor, I would not be able to leave my work at the office, so I went for Educator... which in a way, is also a defacto counselor... without the office.

So, in the process of trying to put my money where my mouth is, I have found myself on this amazing journey as an author!

I have so say, when people refer me to as that, (not just myself or my family) it is such a rush!

Over this past year, and these past few months, I feel the momentum accelerating... I have some options now that I truly need to consider... and although a bit daunting... it sure is fun and exiting!

Next up my books will be at two events in Arizona... thanks to Story Monsters LLC ... then an event at Open Books in Chicago, where my fabulous husband dons a giant green Story Monster costume to entice readers to come check out Story Time... then it's off to Miami - to the Miami Book Fair... which is brand new to me!

Thank you to everyone who takes a minute to read this... and then...

Go out and try something new on yourself... the worst that can happen is you don't like it, or it doesn't like you, and you try something else!

I'll be back soon with stories along the way...


Until next time,