Book Fun!

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those summer days your kids are home?

Why not take a Field Trip to some fun new bookstores and check out their weekly Story Times?

I had great fun these past few weeks, getting the chance to read my books, Max and Bear and Josie the Great to a bunch of lovely kids in various Chicago neighborhoods.  

It's such fun to see children's reactions to books and stories.  I love watching their expressions and always enjoy the lively commentary at the end of a reading.  There are inevitably some funny comments that make me laugh!  

One little person was talking about his new baby, Josie the Great talks about welcoming a new baby and trying to figure that all out ... his feelings were less than happy, and he said "Well... she just cries a lot. It gives me a headache!"  Priceless!

So, why not explore some new places and fun book experiences with your kids this summer?  

Reading is so important, and this could be a great way to incorporate it into your weekly summer activities!

Fun... AND learning!

What's not to like?

Until next time,