The Benefit of an Imaginary Friend...


I just read a fun piece about a Mom who wrote a letter to her child's imaginary friend... 

I thought how sweet, how fun, how wise of this Mom.

Growing up, our youngest daughter had an Imaginary Friend... her name was Lucy.  Lucy and Megan went on lots of adventures and solved lots of problems together.  

Every night at bedtime, sometimes in the bath tub, sometimes driving in the car, sometimes just hanging out on the couch, Lucy would come up, and her story would begin!

I got to be the author sometimes, and Megan was the author sometimes. 

Lucy was special, and unique to just Megan. Neither her brother or sister had Lucy as part of their life... she was Megan's special friend, and companion.  Now both of the other kids knew about her, but they did not create part of the stories as they were unfolding... BUT of course, both of them were part of the plot many times!

I found that allowing and affirming Megan's Lucy, she became a safe and wonderful place for Megan to be... a place to try things out, vent anger, create lovely adventures, and share herself.

Imaginary friends are a great assist for kids!

I bet grownups could benefit too... sigh... but would probably be labeled crazy... so not fair!


Until next time,