On trying...

Hi All!

"There is no try.  There is only do."  John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

I had the chance this afternoon to talk with two bight, smart people about topics I know little to very little about.

In this author journey, I keep finding out about new stuff and how to use it.  It's tons of fun and exhilarating to learn new stuff... especially technology and social media stuff... cause that is not my innate wheel house.

I watch my little bitty grandkids know exactly how to manipulate I Phones and I Pads and marvel at the fact that that's their language.  They have seen these devices since they could see, actually honestly before they could see... cause I am pretty sure there were lots and lots of photos snapped right from the first moment they were born!  I actually know this to be true, cause I was one of the people sticking that device right in their face... :)

I figure that you can always learn a new language... it just takes time and persistence (and a little bit of help from people who know a lot more) to figure it out.

The age old adage of "KEEP TRYING" is definitely a universal truth.  No-one gets very far without trying... ok, some people seem to take less time and get there quicker, but truly, the more you try and the harder your work the sooner you succeed.

That's a good lesson and good behavior to model to your kids.... no matter what age you are, or what age they are.

Kids... and our children are always are kids, learn what they live and what they see modeled for them.... the good, the bad and even the ugly.

So, I am trying to learn new behaviors, new skills, and new ways of adapting to how the world works now, and how people get their information.

Wish me luck! 

I'm trying!

Until next time,