Taking a Risk.....

Hello All!

Last time I wrote I talked about different mindsets and shared the book I have been reading.
I have read more of it.  "mindset" is the title.

I think part of being a good parent, well maybe effective parent or mindful parent may be a better way to define this behavior, is to try and be a good example of all the things we tell our kids to do.  Part of the continuing process of growing in life, for our kids, for us, for families, is to learn how to take risks that are purposeful and that demonstrate growth.  By putting ourselves out there and taking mindful risks, we demonstrate that "our talk and our walk" match and are consistent.

So, to that end, I have taken a new risk.  We will see how it plays out.

One of the goals I have shared with my family is to write a Children's Book.  I have been thinking about it and working on ideas for a couple of years, and now have completed a manuscript.    10 days ago I decided to take a risk and signed on with a self publisher.  

Do I hope the project is wildly successful?  Yes, I do.  Is that the main goal?  Nope, the purpose is to "just do it".

Ok... here's to risking it!

Until next time,