Cherish is the word!


I am pretending that today is Tuesday!

I was out of town this last weekend and was thinking a lot about my children, who are all now adults, and smiling because they are all doing things that I may or may not have imagined them doing. I like that phrase in one of the Hallmark cards or signs that we all have seen, that says "Cherish your children for who they are, not for what you want them to be." How great a statement that is!

I know that each of us has hopes and dreams when we get that little person the first time. We get to hold that brand new body and marvel at the miracle that life is. One of my friends just became a grandmother and I can hear it in her voice.. marveling once again at her new grandson,imagining all the things he can become.

You know, I think that can be one of the hardest parts of being a parent. Of course there are lots of hard parts, but this part asks each of us to really be a grown up. We have to put our own desires aside and fill each of our kids buckets with what floats their boats! I like that phrase "fill their buckets". I saw that someone actually wrote a book about that and I thought..DARN..I was too slow. That phrase is a good visual because it gives us all an image we can utilize in parenting well. Think about it, if you take the time to help fill your child's life bucket with all the things that matter to them, provide opportunities for them to explore what excites them, listen to what is important to them, and keep adding to it, they will have the best tool necessary to find their own way. That doesn't mean their life will be without challenges, but it does mean that they will be better equipped to handle life on their terms. If you're at the beach sometime, watch a child as they make a sand castle. When the sand bucket is full and filled to overflowing, the castle stand up on it's own! Voila! (that's french for ta da!) there is a solid foundation for more to be added and the castle has the chance to become a masterpiece impervious to the elements around it!

So take the time. Look, listen, suggest, (not nag) and see what excites your child. Fill up their bucket, make it overflow with all sorts of good stuff so that when life presents its challenges, and you know it will, their castle can stand strong!

You never know. You could get a phone call like I did last week saying that one of your children gets to go to Washington and meet with one of the White House chefs! Who ever imagined that one of my children would have a career in cheese? Certainly not me!

Until next till next time!