Be Mindful of what you do!


So it's Tuesday and I have been laying low because having the opportunity to work with small children means I also have the opportunity to experience..first hand.. some of the new germs that are out there each Fall!!

While I was lying around and generally contemplating what to write about today, I decided to treat myself and watch a movie...because I had absolutely no inspiration..I chose the movie "Away We Go" directed by Sam Mendes (I would recommend watching it) and I had an "Ah Ha" moment!

The movie is truly funny, touching and a commentary on parenting. There are a variety of people these two young soon to be parents visit as they try to figure out where to live and how they want to parent their child. Of course it's a movie, so there has to be some crazy examples of parents or it wouldn't be entertaining. The thing is though, that some of the parents they show I have met..well not technically, but in substance!

I would argue that as parents we have a choice, where the children we bring into this world don't! It doesn't matter if you give birth, adopt, use a surrogate, or use invetro fertilization, we, as adults, still get to choose. Children on the other hand, do not. They don't get to choose a parent, they are stuck with the ones they get! I would suggest then that it is our first responsibility to try our best to DO NO HARM!

The parents in this movie did all sorts of horrendous things. They insulted their children, demeaned their children, spoke poorly about them (while the kids were right in front of them) forgot to feed them, forgot they were watching when the adults were really drunk, or talking about sex .. just to name a few of the behaviors.( O.K..parents don't have to be perfect, but come on!)

Bottom line, we are the adults in their lives. Kids look to us to care for them, protect them, show them we love them, build them up, say they can become anything...and demonstrate that they are valuable and irreplaceable. I would suggest that we all have choices to make when we parent our children and the choices we make, and the messages we give our children has EVERYTHING to do with the type of person they become.

Remember, we get to choose.. so choose wisely, be mindful of what you say and do. So instead of "Away We Go"... there you go! DO NO HARM...your children need that from you!

Until next time!