On being a Mom... in any time in history...

Hello all!

Recently on Facebook I have posted some articles about being a Mom in todays fast paced, constantly moving, technologically based society.

It's hard to stay connected  with all the requirements on Social Media... Twitter... Facebook... Instagram... Snap Chat... ( I think that may still be viable???) and still have time to actually do anything in your day!

Yet, I would argue, Moms are always and have always been trying to find how to mange all that's required of them as women... people in their own right as well as all the other titles they might hold.

Think about all the women of the early 20th century had to do... without all the modern conveniences we have now... they must have spent all their days just working on finding ways to feed, cloth and care for their families... and maybe have some time for themselves.  BUT...isn't that what most women are still trying to figure out??

I have the opportunity to spend time with a variety of young women, who are in their 30's.  Their lives are jam packed... and even though they're not having to spend most of their days finding ways to feed, cloth and care for their families, they still have that to do, as well as manage their own businesses, or work 40-60 hours outside their homes.

I am exhausted just thinking about all they have to do!

Yet... everyone of them finds their way each day to do just that.

I say, BRAVO!  Let's take a moment to recognize all that women do... pat each other on the back and then... relish the chance, make the time to make sure you carve out a few moment each day to acknowledge all that you do, and take some time... just for you.

You deserve it!

Until next time,