And today... it's time..

Hi All,

When our oldest daughter Anne, and her younger sister Megan were a senior and sophomore, respectively, in high school, Columbine occurred.

That was 19 years ago....

Today, I have listened to the eloquence and passion of the young people from Parkland's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  I am hopeful and heartened.

While the legislators gave lip service, and deflected questions, the students, to their credit, continued to be eloquent, respectful and passionate.  Their words were intelligent, well thought out ... powerful.

We have become a bit numb, I believe to gun violence in this country.  As long as it has not affected, or touched us, we grieve, we acknowledge and then move on.... nothing done, nothing changed except the loss of continued life.

The Civil Rights Movement was led by students, the Vietnam War Protests were led by students...  as history now shows, great change came from both of those events. 

Isn't it time for us, adults to lead a movement that will affect great social and societal change? Can we be examples for our children, for those same children who are asking us to listen?

I am heartened, because if we say no, if we continue to be complacent, I know this group, this generation will lead the way...

Of that, I am sure.

Until next time,