On learning...

Hello All!

I have had the most wonderful opportunities this past month...

February was all about learning... for me!

During this past month I had the chance to go to California, Tampa, and Chicago... all in the effort to engage in and be part of book events!

In California, I got to meet the great people who run The Sun Gallery in Hayward California... a wonderful place that brings art and learning to their local and surrounding communities. I met authors and illustrators who were working to bring their craft to a larger following, and lent their works to the gallery for educational purposes... a chance to have kids interact with art and illustrations.

Next up was Tampa, Florida... I met 3 other local authors, a great store (Book Swap of Carrollwood)  that works on partnering and supporting local authors... and a wonderful young man who was the son of an author at the event.  It is magical to spend a day with people you have never met before, but have shared dreams and aspirations.  You learn, you share... you grow!

After that ... onto Chicago!  I spent the morning of February 22nd reading to young children at the renowned 57th Street Books... an iconic bookstore right in the heart of the University of Chicago.  What a blast it was reading Josie the Great to them... watching their response to the story was so affirming and empowering... at the the end of the story a little girl exclaimed that she "Loved that book!  I want my Mom to buy me one.."... now as an author of Children's Books... what could be better than that?

I finished  my month back in the beautiful Florida Keys... an event was held to help support the effort of the Local Bird Sanctuary... again it was a night that supported artists and authors of all kinds and their works benefitted to The Wild Bird Sanctuary... thanks Banyan tree for inviting me!

I find myself constantly trying to grow, learn and evolve... not just for myself but as an example to my adult kids...

Life... it's to be lived!

Until next time,



p.s.  here's info on all the wonderful places I have been.... if you'd like to support or check them out!