Oh the places you go!

Hello All!

We always told our kids to follow their dreams and pursue what they love... gotta put my money where my mouth is, and practice what I preach!  So, I took a leap and went from teacher to author, which led to this...

Last week my husband and I got the chance to take a California road trip... 

We went to a  reception for a children's book illustrator's art show... Josie the Great, my second Children's Picture Book,  was selected to be part of the exhibit!  It was in this fun little community art center in Hayward California, which is about 20 minutes or so outside of San Francisco.

The people were great and it was such fun to meet other authors and writers... I thank the Sun Gallery for a great show, and their kind welcome.  What a wonderful opportunity, and I am grateful.

And along the way... we got a chance to explore...

Bill tagged on a bit of business too, and because of that, we were in the Santa Ynez valley... what a magnificent part of the country!  We never would have been there if not for the opportunity to be part of this show!

After we left Santa Ynez... which reminded me of Tuscany, which makes sense, because along with the horses, and the local farmers, the region is known for it's wine!  That was a plus for me given that I consider myself a very fine wine-o :)   We discovered some lovely new wines, and now I have ideas to add to my personal favorites!

From there we took the drive from Santa Ynez up to Oakland along the Pacific Coast Highway. We saw the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean, the majesty of the adjacent mountains, the quaintness of towns along the way, and at the end ELEPHANT SEALS!!!  

The seals were the highlight... I love love oceans, but these animals are something to see!  It would be unkind of me to share what I thought of their appearance... BUT they are quite a sight... large, round, almost bulbous animals, that move with their whole body in and out of the water to the sand... AMAZING CREATURES!

I never would have had the chance to see these Elephant Seals if I had not decided to follow my dream and write kids picture books... or if I hadn't taken the chance to enter this show... or if Anne, my daughter, hadn't had the time to be my illustrator...

So, GRAB LIFE ... Oh the places you'll go!

Until next time,