Hi All!

It's that time of year when we decide to clean up our acts and be better people.

I have not done that yet... I've been thinking about it.

Last night as I was laying in bed, I thought about resolutions and wondered if it could be a great family activity.

Let's say you all started talking at dinner, and took the time to say that everyone could take a few minutes and talk about how they wanted to be different in this New Year.

You don't have to say the word "better" cause actually  who knows what better is?? It's quite a relative and subjective term...(at least I think so)  so concentrate instead on what each person would like to do or how they would like to be different.

For little kids, make it concrete.  For example, " I will try hard not to hit my sister"... this is one that my grandson Max could work on... :)  Don't put ideas in their heads.. but through the conversations led them to a self conclusion...if it's not done with their input, it won't work.

For older kids, you could have the conversation about the state of the country, or their local community or their school...etc. and let them think about ways to engage in a new and different way that could make a difference.  

I would say that Parents need to set the example and share what they are thinking of doing differently or how they are thinking they can be different first, and lead the way.

I think 2 per person is quite enough... otherwise it may get too exhausting to actually try and make these resolutions actionable... everyone looses steam if the ante is too high!

It can be a fun thing to try... and a great practice to help kids, of all ages, and parents work together in a concrete and meaningful way toward self improvement.

I think my resolution this year will be quite simple:

            BE KIND 

Happy Resolution making!