Sanity at the Holidays.... IT IS POSSIBLE

Hello All!

Sanity at the Holidays??? 

It is possible... even with weird relatives, (everyone has them) over indulgence, rushing, shopping, trying to find the right gift, trying to get EVERYTHING done...

Bill and I are leaving tomorrow for New York.  All of our kids live there now, and so that's where we are off to.  I've been organizing, purchasing, shipping and sending gifts... NOW most of that is done, and we get to the good stuff...

Time... time with the ones you love most.

When it comes right down to it... no one cares about all the "stuff"... it's all fun, and yes, it is great to open presents, but truly, if I could have one more day with the people I love most that have passed on before me, I would take that gift over any.

So... relax, hug someone you love, don't worry if everything isn't done, and appreciate the gift of the people, and family in your life.

That's all that matters anyway!

Have a great Holiday,