I am sitting in my local Starbucks watching a young couple and their new daughter.  She is about 3-4 months old.  They are mesmerized by her!  She is talking and cooing and they are in complete love with her. She is perched on the table like a trophy.

When I got here, I was attempting to read about how to write my business plan for Max and Bear.  But honestly, I have been just watching this family.

I am always fascinated by the joy a baby brings.  I know that throughout all of history, having a baby is not news.  But, it strikes me that if that baby is yours, or someone you love, it is always miraculous.  

It's summertime, and families have their kids around more, usually.  So, if it is one of those days when you aren't sure what to do, just enjoy.  Kids change and evolve and become someone new each day!

Celebrate and experience the joy that comes from watching the person or persons you have made.

If however, they are being terribly grouchy or challenging, you can always do what I did during those times and say they are "My husband's children."

Until next time,