You Can't Drive the Bus...revisited


Last weekend I was in New York.  One of my daughter's friends had a baby shower for her, and we were helping Anne, and her husband Patrick, pack up their apartment. They are moving to a new place next week.

While I was there, I was trying to be helpful.  All of us were, my husband, my daughters' Megan, and my son Bill.  Anne has lived in this current apartment for 10 years and she and Patrick have lived there for 4 years.  There was a lot of stuff to pack!

As the weekend progressed and time was spent helping, I had to remind myself that in this scenario, I was an assist, not the captain or co-captain.  Those jobs were already taken.  Anne and Patrick were the co-captains, and Max, of course, was the captain!  Max is their 18 month old son.  I took it upon myself to spend most of my time helping with the captain!

While Max and I were at the park, and later when my husband Bill joined us, I thought the job we were there to do, was provide support.  Support and fun for Max so that he would not be in the middle of all the packing craziness, and support, maybe even relief, for Anne and Patrick so that they did not have to worry about Max.

Hey!  Maybe that is an accurate description of what I was trying to do.  I was trying to be a good relief pitcher!

As our kids get older, and as you ride the bus with them, remember that you are ultimately working towards making yourself obsolete as the driver.  It is hard sometimes to not want to say, pack a box a certain way, or organize a closet, or "suggest" what your kids might do in any number of scenarios! Try hard though, not to.

So at every stage along the way, when the time is right, step out of the driver's seat, trust that you have done a good job and enjoy the ride!

Relief pitchers get lots of glory when they do their job well!

Until next time,