Part two of this week...Confessions...


Today I had the chance to have lunch with a friend of both mine and my Mom's.  My Mom, God bless her, was a complicated person.  I miss her daily, and also know that when she was here, I periodically wanted to take a shot at her!

Ok... I am not a perfect person, and so when I had lunch with this friend today, she and I shared stories about my Mom.  My Mom, being who she was, had a tendency to see the world and her life through a series of rose colored glasses.  I guess that is a nice way of saying she would make sh*t up!

As lunch progressed and we talked more, it was clear to me that Sandy had been told stories that I knew and was actually involved in.  The version she had been told was quite different from what had actually happened.

Here is the confession part.   Family.   Family is complicated and challenging and lovely all at the same time.   I know I want to think that my family, the one Bill and I created, will be fabulous, supportive, healthy and
perfect all the time.  But, alas, as any sane person knows, that will not be the truth.

What I do know, is that when you are all in, and I think most families are, the good, the bad and the periodic ugly are part of it all!  I really don't think anyone escapes.  I have said that each of us have some level of dysfunction in family life.  If you don't I think you are either lying or delusional!

So, if you have any family gatherings this holiday season, figure some of it will be great, some of it will be bad, and some of it will be in the middle.   Personally, I am hoping for more of it to be great!

Like I told my kids, I do believe I have done the best I could.  If there are any complaints, I am going to suggest they blame it on their Dad!

Oh, and yes, I do miss my Mom, in spite of and because of it all.

Until next time,

Happy Holidays, Pam