Just do it....anyway


I thought I had better add a twist to the whole "Just Do It"  slogan so that I would not get in trouble for stealing someone else's idea.

I was busy watching a whole bunch of stuff on You Tube that a friend suggested.  So, as I was watching said info, a piece popped up called "Why would you want to bring kids into the world as it is now?" I was intrigued.  I clicked the watch button.

The piece was compelling.  It was a video of expectant parents of all races and ethnicities.  It showed these soon to be parents, watching videos on the television monitor of a whole variety of horrible afflictions, events and disasters throughout the world.   Of course, many of the parents were tearing up, both expectant Moms and Dads.  ( Me too! Even though I am most definitely not expecting!)

I generally think of myself as a positive person, unless it is one of those times when I go off the ranch  and decide to worry about a whole plethora of things, most of which I have no control over anyway.  So, I was annoyed that someone would dedicate their creativity to this sort of idea.  Then, I saw the point.

After seeing all of these negative images there was a brief interlude, and then... images of lovely newborn babies interspersed with historical figures that changed the world began to stream across the video monitor.   People.  People who became important for ideas, inventions, diplomacy, music, art.  People who changed the world through their very presence, their very being.  As an irony, as I am sitting here writing, an inspirational message from an app I have on my phone popped up.  It was from Albert Einstein.

Being a parent is a scary, daunting, exhausting challenging task.  Parenting, as a verb, requires endless hours of blood sweat and tears, and there are no guarantees that your hard work will pay off.  There are no guarantees that your children will not suffer or have hard times in their lives.  Yet, I do believe parenting provides the opportunity to make a difference, to change the world through the people we mold.

So, having said all that, just do it anyway. Why bring kids into this world?  Because.

Who knows?

Maybe you are nurturing the next Albert Einstein...

Until next time,