Reaping the Rewards...


Last weekend I got to watch the fruits of our efforts pay off....I've always told our kids, as did my husband, that they have to take good care of each other.   I have also told them that if they don't, I will figure out how to come back from the grave at the appropriate time :) and haunt them mercilessly if they do not.  Just saying.....

So...they listened!

Megan, our youngest daughter moved last weekend from one home to another in the Cleveland area and as we were helping her, her brother and his wife surprised her ( they had driven 8 hours from New York)  and showed up at her new home just in time to help with lots of "grunt" work.   The lovely look of joy and sheer glee on her face when they arrived, was spectacular!

So....just saying... after you do alllllll the work required while raising your kids, it is a blast to watch and enjoy and share in the fun!

If it is one of those days with your kids, just know that by putting in the time when they are young, it pays off!

Until next time,