I was trying to think of something clever to write about today.  I started by looking at the photos on my i photo.  I realized that they tell a great story.  I of course only know how to work part of that whole i photo thing.... I have at least advanced to being able to open it and actually send files!  That for me is a great triumph, baby steps yes, but for me great!

So, as I looked at the latest import, I realized that all my photos are about family and places and events we have all been at together.  There are photos of trips and travels and graduations and birthdays and weddings and now....BABIES!  Actual new little people that are the next generation in this family.

What a cool!  Yes, I know we all have those stories and events that make us want to pull our hair out, and even in my case there are some people that make me want to pull a lot of my hair out.  I would be funny looking and maybe just accepting that we don't get to pick our family, is a better idea.  I was talking with my brother yesterday and we used that age old line " You can pick your friends and your nose, but you can not pick your family."  And, maybe that is exactly how it should be.  The whole big jumbled mess of love and angst and triumph that means family.

So, maybe on this Friday, pause and celebrate and enjoy even those most annoying family members and know that family is what life is all about.  

Happy weekend!

Until next time,