Right there...

Hello All!

This morning, as I was trying to get myself motivated to exercise on our treadmill, I put in an old VCR tape of the Whoopie Goldberg  movie Sister Act Two, yes we actually still have an old TV with a built in VCR!  I needed motivation and something fun to watch while walking on the treadmill.  The movie is one that I hadn't watched for quite awhile.  It was fun and got me thinking.

Sister Act Two is not a deep movie, yet some scenes had me running around looking for a pen to write down thoughts.  In the film, there is a young girl who really just wants to sing.  Her mom is against it, and of course, that is often a theme in movies about teenagers.  The Ying and the Yang between parent and child....what we want for them and what they want, our desire to protect, and guide and shelter them from what our life experience tells us, and the harder parts of life.  I am sure most parents can relate to that kind of thought process.

I am a new Grandma.  Most of you know that.  I was talking with Anne last night and listening to her as she is in the earliest of stages of trying to figure out what is good for her son, Max, and why.  I listened to all that she was saying, and I am trying to be a good listener and not give opinions unless asked.  As I was thinking this morning about all that she and I talked about, and as I watched this silly movie, I decided again that what good parents do best is think about what they want for their kids, watch and listen and learn about their kids, learn what their children want, and then meld the two.  It is a balancing act.  Figuring out how at each stage of your and your child's life to balance your fears as a parent with the desires and dreams of your children.  The ultimate goal is to help our children be who they are meant to become, not what we want them to be.

It is the never ending part of parenting.  Trying always to encourage and guide and help our children become all that they are meant to be and keep them safe and well through the process.

On to Part Two... can't wait to see all that baby Max becomes.  Of course right now he is working on smiling and holding his head up.  His parents, Anne and Patrick, are encouraging him every step of the way!

Hey we all started right there...

Until next time,