Resilience...aka how not to be a WIMP

Hi All,

This will probably be a shorter post...

I have been thinking about Resilience.  I have capitalized it because I think that makes it look more important, stand out..

In this past week one of our children has had to deal with a major set back.  She has a business in New York that suffered a lot of damage due to "Super Storm Sandy".  As a parent, you think about what you can do when your kids are going through challenges, and the best answer I think is support.  However that looks, your physical presence, your words on the phone or email, texts etc.

During this time of Anne evaluating and assessing what is needed, I have to say, I am proud of her.  Of course as a parent, and if you are someone who chooses to read these posts, you are probably quite involved in your children's lives.  My husband and I had a goal to make, or I guess help, our kids develop life skills that would serve them well, in all of life... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Life does not often present Nirvana, yet life is often really good.  In  my opinion, if we as parents are able to help our kids grow into resilient adults, we have done them a great service.

Resilience, as defined by my computer dictionary is:
"the power to recover readily from adversity"

And then, to take it one step further, help our kids be able to demonstrate and practice Resiliency...
Resiliency.....defined as " the ability to spring back".

As I continue to go through life now as a parent of adults, I think those 2 qualities are the best gift we can give our any age or stage.

I can still be quite a wimp....but at least they aren't!

Until next time,