It is the first of firsts I am thinking about. The first time I have sat down to write in a while. The first day I have not gone to preschool the day after labor day for 20 years. The first September without my Mom. The first fall I am totally in charge of myself. The first time I am contempalting a grandchild. The first time I am trying to figure out what to do with myself for a long long time.

Today I saw Jamie Lee Curtis on the Today Show. I like her. She is a woman who seems to take on life as she sees fit. I also like what she had to say about her life, and how it has evolved. She shared with the host on the show, Natalie Morales, (sorry if your last name is spelled incorrectly Natalie) that life presents it's way to her. She said she is not one of those people who makes a plan and works a plan. She is the kind of person who opens herself to ideas, and then sees what happens.

I like that thought! My husband is a planner extrordinaire. He makes a plan, works a plan, and delivers on the plans he sets. I on the other hand, have always been a more "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of gal. ( I love that word "Gal"). I have generally designed my life around major events and chapters in life. I finished highschool, went to college, got married, raised our family, started teaching preshool when our youngest went to school...etc. Now, for the first time, I have no life event to plan my life around or decide what my next step should be.

Jamie Lee Curtis has written a new children's book. That is why she was on the Today Show in the first place. To promote her book. I think I may have to get it. I think she said it is about taking risks and the things we as parents say to our kids all the time. Things like "Go ahead! Try something new. Believe in yourself. Take a risk. Join a new group at school. Try it what do you have to loose" and other parent type things we all say to our kids as they are growing up. I have personally said most if not all of those things to my own children. Now, guess what? I have to say them to myself.

So, now I think the first thing I am going to do is figure out how I want to re-tool this blog. I have some ideas, I have some thoughts. Now I just have to go ahead and try something new.

I still say all those types of things to my adult kids. I guess now I will have to put my money where my mouth is and do it!

Stay tuned...

Until next time,