My Husband's Mirror

Hello All!

Happy New Year! I know that I get inspired each year around this time to think about what I can do differently in my life. What can I do that would make a difference in how my life works? This morning, actually just a little bit ago, I was upstairs drying my hair, (yes, it was late morning...I made a choice to try and work out hard...that is another one of my decisions as the new year begins) and I was looking at the mirror above my husband's sink. For anyone, like my kids who have been up there, and a few family members, it is a place of inspiration.

My Husband's mirror...a place, a spot of inspiration. I tease him that very soon he won't actually be able to use his mirror for it's actual intended look at himself. But, maybe, what he is actually doing is trying to make himself look more closely, see what is important, not just if he shaved well that day.

I noticed this morning, that he had added a new item. See, his mirror is covered with articles, photos, notes of inspiration, cards, and pictures, and his newest addition is the cover of a recent Sports Illustrated. On this cover, is a photo of a young man from the Rutgers Football team who was severely injured. He is now in a wheel chair, and to be honest, I do not know exactly what his whole story is, but the title beneath his photo is the word "Choice".

Choice, a simple word, but perhaps not such a simple action. I decided to look up the official definition of the word "Choice". On the same page, maybe not too coincidentally is the word "Choke"...:) "Choice* noun* act of choosing; thing or person chosen; range to choose from; power to choose* adjective*of superior quality."

"Of superior quality"...what a phrase! That must be the idea behind the Sports Illustrated Staff choosing this young man as their cover. He has made the choice to move forward, make his life what he can, the best that he can, and choose to keep going, and growing and evolving. He has chosen to be "of superior quality". I feel humbled.

I am thinking about how to now myself be" of superior quality". How can I live that...I guess that means one thing for sure, that I have to stop being a baby whiner about some things in my life, like the fact that I wish I could see my kids more often and have Sunday dinners together, or maybe be in a warmer climate more, or maybe be 10 pounds skinnier...worrying about that stuff is NOT going to make me a person "of superior quality" :) So, what do I do? I guess I am going to have to choose, decide, make a choice.

As this new year revs up, I am going to try hard to choose well. To be a person of "superior quality" means I have to think about what I can do to accomplish that in all the areas of my life where it matters, and, I suppose that would be in each area; my personal life, my physical life, my spiritual life, my professional life, and family life. I guess I am going to have to be in charge of myself, take good care of myself, grow professionally, and take good care of my family. Maybe I have to continue to figure out how to make "I" and "We" and "Us" all work. How to be a woman and wife to be proud of, a teacher that inspires, a friend that helps, a daughter who cares, and in one of my most important roles, a mother that is stellar. A mother that chooses to continue to evolve well and grow with her kids, a parent who chooses to see what is needed at each stage, and makes the choices needed to help each of her kids, now all adults, as needed and as wanted, which can even require doing nothing! Letting my children be...with the knowledge that they are able and competent and strong enough to choose for themselves.

My Husband's mirror...I think I may need to take the time to look at it more!

Until next time and Happy New Year,