Through it all...

Hi all!

I have been thinking as usual, about what to write over these past few weeks. I made a list of titles and thoughts and kept adding to it. I have a whole index card, my high tech method for keeping ideas, of bits and pieces of concepts, and suggestions and maybes. However, and that is my new word of choice instead of but, nothing really inspired me until this morning.

Over this past weekend we had a lot going on! We celebrated engagements, and then worried about someone who had a scary thing happen. We hugged and laughed and smiled and then worried, and hugged and thankfully, smiled again!

Through it all! Life is a series of events that I would like to think I can control, but of course I realize that I am delusional if I believe that is even remotely possible. The older I get, and of course I have to admit I now have to check that box off on forms that says "Age 55 and up", I realize that life gets messier and messier. There is no line, or box or compartment or day or week or month that anyone can count on being what they had planned. There are no guarantees.

When I was a mom of younger children, my focus was on making sure my kids were well taken care of. Now that I am a mom of adult children, that focus has not changed. It just has a different face. My face of course has more lines, though I am attempting to hold them at bay with lots of assist from a good dermatologist, but the structure of the face is the same. Since my children arrived on this earth, my primary goal has been to help them in and through life. Life changes. Life evolves for them and for me.

When kids are little our focus is more on the day to day. The more mundane, perhaps of feeding and bathing and clothing etc. However, to a young mom, there is probably nothing mundane about some of those needs. I know one new mom who is trying to help her husband relax and not worry too much about the type of baby lotion they use. He is being careful about what to put on his new baby. As a mom of adults, I can smile at that, but not value it any less. It is important to him in his evolution as a father.

Now that my kids are all adults, there are times when I have many days of peace. I do not have the day to day worries of care. I can go about my business and feel relatively secure that everyone is good, everything is fine. That is, until you get a phone call. When you get THAT phone call, and all of you who are parents of adults know what I am talking about, life stops for a minute, you listen, and evaluate and then do. You do what you need to do and are asked to do and what is important to do for the person on the other end of the line, namely, your adult child asking you to help them.

We had just such an event this past weekend. Thankfully and gratefully, everyone and everything is fine now. However, during the time of events like what happened this past weekend, you realize that even as your children grow and become grown, they need you... they always need you. They need you for different reasons throughout the stages of their lives, but don't ever kid yourself, they need you.

Children need parents. Without parents, there would be no children and without children, there would be no parents. Through it all, we are all in this wonderful game of life together. Helping, guiding, and most of all...loving.

Loving, the most important concept though it all. Loving means parents will do whatever is needed, whatever is important whatever is asked for, or maybe not even asked for because you know your kids need it and they need your help. So good parents, love your kids well. Love them well at every stage of their lives.

O.K... I am going to go get a wonderfully relaxing cup of coffee now. I am going to celebrate that at this very moment, everyone I love, everyone my children love, everyone in our growing family that we all love is fine....

Hmm....maybe I spoke too soon. My son just called me, and then realized he was getting pulled over on the highway!!!!!!

Until next time,


Until next time,