Here I Go Again!

Hi All!

It has been quite a while since I last ranted about the "Tiger Mother." I have calmed down, and realize that I too am a bit of a tiger mother, only in a whole different sense....I am more like the big stalking tiger mother on animal planet or some show like that. The ones that like to have their cubs crawling all over them!

This past weekend I found myself in the presence of my lovely, o.k., our lovely son, because I sure did not make him all by myself. The school that I work at, is submitting a video about early childhood education to our local United Way, and I had the good fortune of having someone I know well, and really like, be able to help us out with that! My son came in town to do the filming and make the movie for us.

I had a blast! I got to be the sound assistant during the filming process, and actually only messed up a little bit. I got to introduce him to the people I work with, and got to enjoy watching him practice his art and his craft. I got to watch him interact with the big and little people he was filming and basked in the joy of it all!

After we were done, he with the filming, and me with the basking, we then had the afternoon together. I was invited to hang out with him and his best friend, who has been part of his life since he/they were 7 years old. They teased me that I would have to hide under blankets in the back seat of the car as we traveled into Chicago, so that I would not embarrass them or cramp their style! HA!

We got to the city, and then visited Kevin's apartment. Kevin is my son Bill's best friend, and his partner in lots of previous teenage shananigans, and here I was standing in this apartment, Kevin's very own big boy apartment... he actually pays for it! I watched these 2 friends, who are now young men, all grown up and realized with a great deal of satisfaction, that they are both good. They are both finding their way in this new process of adulthood. They are capable, and able and evolving well! My son is pursuing his dream of film making, Kevin his dream of becoming a business person, and future business owner. WOW! How did all that happen???

When I talk with all the young moms that I get the pleasure of knowing as I work with their small children, I am sure that I sound goofy when I tell them to cherish this time with their small ones, because it goes by sooooo very fast! I know everyone tells young parents that, people told me that too, and I thought they were a bit daft when I would have sick kids, a dad out of town and a baby yelling! BUT>>>>> it does go fast! Here I was on Friday with 2 grown up young men, somehow all that time had passed!

Now, it is Monday. Bill has gone back to New York and Kevin, I am sure is at his job. Bill is returning to the city he now lives in, to begin 2 new projects. He will be filming a maple syrup adventure from start to finish, and then at the end of March will begin working on an HBO series. He is continuing to find his way in the career he chose, and the work he loves. I take satisfaction in that, his dad and I helped him get to this point, this place in his life. We worked hard as parents in the building process of this young man, we tried our best to help him find his way and find what is important to him. I do believe we have done that!

Now... the only problem with that is that he left. Crap! Here I go again! Like I have said before, when you do your job well and right as a parent, your kids leave. I know that is a good thing, but sometimes I do believe , I wish that maybe I would have done a bad job! :) Just kidding!!!

Help your kids good parents. Help them find who they are, what they are meant to be and where they are suppose to go... in the process they will leave you, but that is only geography. They will always be in your hearts, and you will always be in theirs! My trusted friend, who is a psychologist, says that as long as you have their hearts and they have yours, it's only geography! Some people live right in the same town and never see each other because they do not want to. Somewhere along the way the process of parenting got messed up..... So don't mess up! Even when you have to put them back on that plane to leave you, CELEBRATE! You have done your job well. It is o.k. though, to shed a tear.

Until next time!