Oh the Places they may go....continue

Hello All!

So today is the beginning of the next phase of one of my children's lives! We are traveling down to Austin Texas today. Our son is a senior at the University of Texas and tomorrow we get to be part of the viewing audience of his film for his senior project. His culmination of 4 years worth of work and study.

Lat night I got a chance to have a conversation with him as he was on his way home after spending the better part of these last few days locked up in a variety of editing labs. He sounded exhausted of course, but also exhilarated! What could be better than that? He is finishing up one part of his life and will soon start the next. We talked about the fact that he graduates next week and within a short period of time, will start planning for his move to New York city.

From the time this child of ours was tiny, (well actually he was never tiny because he is 6'8" tall) we watched him manipulate cameras and army men and props, and even his friends into mini films. We watched all of this unfold, and encouraged and supported him to pursue what excited him. Now, tomorrow, we get to see a new amazing phase in this process. His film will be on the "big screen" in Austin Texas. I knew this would happen...I just didn't know where.

Today I was listening to the radio and the commentator was presenting his views on what kids should do as they contemplate college. It is of course graduation time and that lends itself to this kind of conversation. His daughter, I gathered was graduating high school, and he was discussing what type of advice he has given her. He has told her that she should choose a major that will provide her with the type of monetary future she would like. This is is his opinion, which is just that, and of course all well and good, but I say NO NO NO!!!

Life is too darn short to spend your time just making money. I believe that parents want always, what is best for their kids, at least the parents who I am talking about here, but isn't it a whole lot better to tell them to follow their dreams, do what excites them, pursue their passions? How great it is to spend your life doing what excites you...the money will follow. Now, of course if we are talking making millions, that is another story, but how many successful people do you read about do what they hate?
Hello! No One!!!!!

I talked last weekend with a business owner in the town we live. He know all of my kids and always asks about them. He asked where they all were and what they were doing. I shared with him that our son is going out east, that our youngest daughter is looking at jobs all over the country and that our oldest is still happily ensconced in New York City. He asked me didn't I miss them when they move, and do not live nearby? I told him of course I do, but and here is the big BUT...it is not up to me to design their lives. They get to do that. They have earned that right and that respect from me and their Dad. Our goal has never been to create our children in our image. Our goal has been, and still is, to help them find their own voice, their own design, their own way.

So, Good Parents, help your children find their own way; not the safe way, not the way you think works best, but their way. Help them cut the cord and find the life they are meant to lead! You never know where that will lead them.

Our sons plan led him to Austin, Texas. I know I am going to relish the opportunity to see our sons film, his vision on the movie screen this weekend! I can't wait to go! I did of course, tell him I won't wear a long gown, this time...

I will reserve that for his Hollywood premier!

Until next time,