The Sky's The Limit!


My husband and I were driving to meet friends this past weekend and in whatever context of the conversation we were having, he used the phrase " the Sky's the Limit".. and I had to write it down.

I have been thinking about all that I have written and talked about these last few months. Maybe I have been judgmental of some of the behaviors I have witnessed from parents and their children. But, I would like to think that is because I am passionate about parenting! I can not wait to see the new TV show that is debuting after the Olympics called "Parenthood". It looks great to me from the previews I have seen so far, and who knows it might give me good fodder to consider writing about. Hey, maybe Ron Howard will become a fan of my blog and I can give him some good ideas for an episode or two!

Seriously though, this week I am thinking a lot about how parents can truly help their kids understand that the " SKY" is the limit. That every child can become someone valuable and important, maybe not famous, because sometimes that is just a bad idea, but valuable and able and capable. Lots of words in them!

I was traveling with my Sister-in- Law a few weeks ago, and we talking about parents and parenting and self-esteem and how to help our kids be the best they can be, and all that good stuff. I was telling her a story about a phrase I had heard and read. Dr. Wayne Dyer is a motivational and inspirational speaker. I have read some of his stuff and seen him speak, on TV not in person. He tells a story about one of his children coming home one day and saying, "Johnny doesn't like me." So his father, says to him, "Do you like you?" He said his son looked at him like he had two heads and maybe was a bit goofy, and said," Of course I like me!" His father countered with," Well, there you go. It doesn't matter if Johnny likes you. It only matters if you like you. You are never going to get everyone to like you. But you can always like yourself."

Viola! There we have it! I think that as parents after feeding our kids and keeping them safe, our main goal is to help them like themselves. The whole person...all the parts. I know that kids have lots of trials in life as they grow up. Some kids have learning difficulties, some kids will have physical difficulties, some kids will have emotional and social struggles, but if we can give them enough positive and loving messages so they can develop self love, well that might be just what each person needs to find their way well and achieve their true and full potential.

I know that each of our children have had times that are difficult, and that will continue into adulthood, and actually throughout all of life. No one has a life full of Nirvana, but maybe by being there and listening and loving we can give our children what they need to find their own way well.

Ann Curry was commenting at the Olympics that it takes a village to help raise children. She was specifically speaking about all the important people in each of the successful athletes lives that have won medals or achieved a personal triumph at these Olympic games. I bet these athletes have parents who told them and grandparents who told them and teachers and coaches and aunts and uncles...etc. tell them that yes they could. Yes they could achieve and be whatever they wanted to be.

I think that if parents let their children know that the "Sky is the Limit" children will become the best possible example of themselves that they can. By encouraging and believing in their children parents can and will help their kids find their passion, find what excites them, find what motivates them. I bet that if each of us as parents demonstrates through what we say and do that we have faith in our children and even though all of them will struggle at times, give them messages that we know they can and will find their way, that they will. I would even guess that they will not just find their way, they will excel!

I am hoping that we have done that for our children.. and think maybe we have as each of them continues to make a difference through who they are and what they do.

Our oldest has been asked to be part of a Cookbook that Esquire magazine is publishing... she followed her passion and is a cheesemonger extraordinaire! Imagine that! Her Dad and I think that is pretty cool!

Until next time,