A new day to post, Thursday, which is a reflection of how crazy busy this time of year gets!

As I was thinking what to write about this week I had a whole bunch of ideas running around in this head of mine, and thought I would try to incorporate some of them into a coherent piece...let's see if I am successful at it!

The thing I have been thinking about the most is that children are a reflection of us. They learn what they live. I see that every day in the opportunity I have to observe lots of parents in action. I have my own petrie dish, so to speak, of human behaviors to watch and observe. I told my sister-in-law that at this time of year I was thinking that it would be wise to spray each of the kids with Lysol before they entered the room because of all the germs that are being thrown around, but truly, I am wondering if that would work to also eliminate parenting "viruses"! (just kidding about spraying kids with Lysol...although sometimes it really does seem like a good idea) parenting that is "ill advised" and needs help!

This year I have a wide variety of parenting styles to observe. My co teacher and I remark that every couple of years we have an interesting mix of kids and parents, and this is one of those years. I have some parents who really seem to get it, the right balance of hands on and hands off. I also have some parents, well actually one that is way too hands on, in my opinion, and a few that are in between. It is such an art to find that right balance of parenting. I am sure that all the people I get to observe really love their children. I wonder, though, what makes some parents more effective than others. I was thinking out loud about this as my director and I were talking and she validated what I was thinking. That kids are a reflection of their parents. It is true, at least from what I am observing this year. Each of my group of "little individuals" does reflect what I see in their parents. One little guy's Dad is very balanced and measured in his approach, and thus so is his son. One little girl's Mom is helping her become more independent and is teaching her how to take care of her own clothing, and I am watching this little girl go around and try to teach the other kids how to do new things. One little girl's Mom is a bit too involved and I watch her daughter look to others to get validation and help her make decisions throughout the day. She seems to need extra reassurance that she is capable on her own. Lastly, one little guy's Mom isn't sure at all about what to do with him, and thus he seems to be often out of control in his own behavior. So.. I say to myself, self what does this say about children and parents? I think it says that all parents need to mindful of what they do and say and who they are themselves. I do not believe that any of us need to be or are perfect people or parents. I do think that parents need to constantly check themselves and change and evolve with each stage of parenting. I think some parents probably obsess too much about parenting and some don't think about how to do a good job enough. It is exhausting this whole parenting thing, but also so very lovely and rewarding. I ask each of us who is a parent to think again about the type of messages we want to send to our kids. What do you want to say and do each day that tells your kids what you think about them and what you think about yourself? Think..I guess that is the key word. Think well and wisely about what you want to demonstrate to your kids and the examples that you set. Try, I would ask to be the best possible person you can be, and I think that will teach your children well.

In summary, try to do and be an example of someone your kids can be proud of, someone they can learn well from, someone they will be proud to call Mom or Dad.

Who knows, you could get the wonderful opportunity to be asked to be the guest cohost on your own child's radio show!

Until next time,