Oh the Places they may go!


It's Wednesday, not Tuesday, I know. I am late composing because I may or may not have been busy watching one of my children on T.V.! :)

So... this week I have been thinking a lot about the phrase, "Not in my image." I suggested in my very first blog, that one of the tenets of being a good parent is not to try and create your child in your image, or your imagined image of what they should be. I am going to tell you a tale of Two Fathers. (I of course am creating this tale, based on true stories)!

Once upon a time there were 2 fathers. One father chose to spend his professional life as a minister, the other father chose business as his profession. Both fathers had sons. I imagine they were both very excited about all the possibilities of what their sons could and would become!

The first father, spent time with his son and sent messages to his son that he wanted him to listen to his advice and do what he said and follow his path, the path that he felt his son should choose. Now I don't know all the particulars, but I do know that this son had other ideas. His own ideas of what he wanted to do and be. He tried to communicate these ideas to his father, but his father said he knew best and cared not one bit what his son thought. As time passed this father continued to tell his son what he thought and wanted his son to be.. and continued and continued and continued, until one day his son imploded, had a horrible fight with his father, even physically attacked him, and left.

The second father spent time with his son too He sent messages to his son of what he thought and ideas about what he thought his son would like. This father had really enjoyed sports during his youth and hoped his son would too! What a great thing to do together and to share. This son, however, really really liked movies! He made movies with his army men, he made movies with things he made from clay, he made movies with all his friends. His father smiled and thought, hmm movies!

One day, this second father and his son found themselves on the same basketball team. The son had tried basketball and his father, excited that his son wanted to try sports, had volunteered to be the coach. One day, in the middle , or actually near the end, of a very big game, the team ran out of subs. They all had been injured. This father asked his son, who was on the bench, to enter the game...he was needed because all the subs were out! This father's son said, "Can't do that Dad. I am filming the game." His father was exasperated! He really needed his son to enter the game, but his son said no again and said he needed to take the film. This father finished the game with only 4 players.

Now, as life went on this son grew and changed and his father listened and watched and suggested. This son found he did love sport too, but chose football. He and his father shared that together.

Time passed quickly, as is so often does, and it was time for this second father's son to make the next step. Decide what path he would take . His father listened and suggested and then helped his son fill out all the applications he needed to go to college. The son and his father were overjoyed when the acceptance letters came! He was accepted into a University with a great football program... and received his first choice of colleges.

That summer before college as the time approached to take his son to school, the second father helped his son get ready. They packed all the important items he would need. They packed his cameras. They packed his lenses, the ones needed for near and for far shots. They packed his new computer, the one specially made with Final Cut Pro, the editing program he would need for the films he would create.

This second father's son was going to Film School......Hmmmmm imagine that!

Until next time!