Pam Saxelby’s books reflect her ability to tap into children's emotional world: their questions, worries and joys. After 25 years in the classroom as an early childhood educator, Pam pursued her life-long love of children’s literature and began writing her own books. Here titles include The Great Grace Escape, Max and Bear and Josie the Great. Read more >

The Great Grace Escape


I absolutely am obsessed with the concept of the book. I can not think of one book out of all the children’s books I have ever read that touch on this in such a creative and adorable way!! I would have loved to have read this book to my kids during my multiple pregnancies!
— Becky Lester, Parent

The Books


The Great
Grace Escape

With humor, imagination and tenderness, author Pam Saxelby, and illustrator Anne Saxelby, explore a baby’s arrival, and the delight found in arriving at just the right place.


Josie the Great

Max's parents keep talking about someone named Josie, but who is that? With his trusty friend Bear by his side, Max navigates the changes in his life and wonders what it all means.


Max and Bear

When Bear is given to Max’s dad at a very special party, Max wasn’t there yet. He is still growing in his mommy’s tummy. But Bear can wait. Bear is sure that Max will love him as soon as he is born.

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