Where oh where have I been?

Hi All!

I hope this finds everyone well.

My husband and I have been traveling around the country, he for his work, and me for my books. It’s been busy and a blast. I started using the hashtag..#billandpamsexcellentadventures….. this caused some interesting and funny reactions!

It’s such fun to get the opportunity to see a variety of people who love books, and enjoy bringing fun stories to children.

In September we went to the ARSL Conference in Burlington Vermont. It was such fun! I had never been before, and so was excited and nervous about the event. It turns out that working with a group of librarians and libraries, makes everyone smile. I met so many nice people… and from that who know where I might go?

What have learned and continue to learn as I travel around, is how similar people are. Its been interesting spending time in smaller, and more rural communities. I have spent more time there lately than in larger cities, and I am appreciating the nuances of each community I get the opportunity to visit.

I realize as we travel that its exhilarating to try new things and meet new people.

Someone said to me recently “Wow…you’ve started a whole new career path and you’re in your 60’s!”

I paused for a minute… not knowing if that was a compliment or not, and then decided to take it as one!

Why waste a moment of life? I have spent my fair share of time worrying and lamenting and that never does me (or anyone else) any good!

So… now its off to new places, pausing to come back to where I love… and always taking time to visit my peeps… now all over the place!

We’ve been a lot of places… now we’re pausing… and enjoying that time. I do realize that now as we are on the move more, that I enjoy it. I need time to pause, and recharge…but then I am ready and interested to see what’s next!

Why Not?

Who knows where #billandpamsexcellentadventures may lead!

Until next time,