Owning? Affirming? Deciding?

Hi all!

Over the last week, I wrote posts about owning your own wisdom, and affirmations... do we need them?

As the week has progressed, I have had more time to ponder the idea of affirmations, and also deciding on how, or what kind of power they will have in my life.

Deciding I think is the key... the key to many parts of  life.

As I have decided to find my inner compass, and use that guide as my directional... I feel more empowered to be who I am striving to be.

I had the opportunity to deal with a number of confrontations this past week... we have a variety of transitions going on in our life, and instead of pausing, and waiting to see what might be the group thought process, which I would have done in the past, I chose to evaluate, and speak out.

I had a situation at a restaurant, and it was not pleasant.   Usually when we have been there it has been a great experience, but not this time.  Instead of staying quiet I spoke up... then also commented on what I felt... and was reprimanded by someone who was with us.  I chose this time, and am beginning to do this more often, to be clear on what I think... not needing permission, or affirmations from anyone else for the thoughts, responses, and feelings that I have.  

 I am a woman now, who has decided not to live her life pleasing others... 

My goal is not to just be obstinate or confrontational, but empowering and loving of myself. Someone that I trust deeply, has used this wise line... "I'm not saying no to you, I am saying yes to me."

So, as I think about owning, affirming and deciding, deciding and owning are what I am concentrating on.

My life is mine to own, and design. 

So is yours....

Until next time,