Imperfection is an opportunity for growth

So, I have decided that being imperfect is just fine, that it’s a growth opportunity for me.

I screwed up today.

Yup, I did.

I don’t like to screw up, some people may get a kick out of it, but I don’t.  Maybe it comes from being the oldest child.  There is something to that, first born children are usually people pleasers.

Well however I have come by trying to be perfect, I am giving it up.  Actually I have been trying to give it up for, oh, say all my life!

So, I think today is the day.  Time to call it… that’s it!

I found a sign that I put up,  “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”

I would bet that lots of people struggle with this perfection thing…so maybe we could all decide to let it go together! 

Maybe a national “Give Perfect a Boot day!”

Ok, I’ll stop.

But, truly trying to find the right way to live your life, a way that is mostly good, mostly kind, mostly honest can be hard.

Each day we get a fresh start, a chance to try again.

That can be the beauty of messing up.  Knowing that you get to try again tomorrow.

Actually, it is through the mistakes we make, that we learn the most.

It’s not fun to mess up, but it’s good for us.

Trying to live your life in a state of perfection is first, impossible, and second not nearly as interesting.

Allowing ourselves the right to periodically mess up, screw up, make a mistake, gives us the chance to learn and grow.

That’s what little children do every day.  Imagine what would happen if a child never tried to figure out how to do anything unless it was perfect.

Wouldn’t happen… actually it will never happen.

Kids demonstrate day after day that they are working, learning, evolving… as they take their first breath, learn to sit up, learn to crawl, learn to walk…etc!

We would all be big slugs if we chose to give up when we didn’t do something perfect… we’d still be waiting for someone to feed us and carry us around!

So, I guess in all of this, I am doing some personal self-help.  Allowing myself the intelligent thought that perfect is not even a remote possibility… and not even something that is good for us humans.

We need to mess up… or we would never learn.

Until next time,